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Gaurav Agarwal

Dr Gaurav Agrawal is philosophy teachers and founder of Sri Yoga Ashram. Dr Agrawal possesses a PhD degree in clinical psychology and previously he was working as an assistant professor in an Indian University. This way he is more than capable in both ancient and modern scientific field. He brings his understanding of psychology in his teachings of philosophy. Gaurav was born in a traditional religious Hindu family and has been fortunate enough find the guidance of various great Himalayan spiritual Masters. Gaurav teaches yoga philosophy with the help of modern language and real life examples. For this he tells many entertaining stories. With the help of these simple stories, students get to understand the complex ideas of philosophy in a very easy manner. Dr. Agrawal teaches Patanjali Yog Sutra, Patanjali Ashtanga yoga system along with yogic ideas from Bhagavad Gita. Due to his unique and entertaining style of teaching, he is quite popular among the students. He is also the author of three books of astrology (which is also one of his talent) and his fourth book (on Yoga philosophy) is expected to come in 2018.

Dr. Gaurav Agarwal

Yogi Arpit

Arpit is the coordinator and Ashtanga yoga teacher at Sri Yoga Ashram. Arpit got the chance of learning yoga at the most famous Bihar School of Yoga, Munger. He is also the direct disciple of Swami Niranjanananda from Bihar School of Yoga and Usha Mata Ji, the famous Iyengar style yoga teacher in Rishikesh. Bihar tradition of yoga is known for the extensive use of Tantrik techniques in the practice of Hatha yoga for the self refinement. Arpit has taught in numerous schools of Rishikesh and received great appreciation from the students from all corners of the world. Arpit teaches the yoga with the motto that yoga is an effortless and gentle way of life. Initially it challenges your body and later it changes your body and mind to reach in the state of calmness peace and effortlessness. Being young Arpit is very dynamic and energetic. The good thing is that his energy is contagious. If you are in his class then you also become few years younger and stronger. Arpit also has good understanding of Naturopathy and human body. So he is always capable of sharing some advice for avoiding small injuries and getting them healed faster.

arpit agarwal

Yogi Kalpendra

Yogi Kalpendra is the Pranayama and meditation teacher at Sri yoga Ashram. Along with the practice of Pranayama he is also teaching and facilitating the sessions of yogic cleansing. Kalpendra did his Masters in yogic science from yoga University of Haridwar and he specialises in the techniques of Pranayama for different physical mental issues. Kalpendra learned and the advanced techniques of Pranayama and meditation from various teachers. He has the experience of teaching yoga for many years in many countries. His techniques of meditation are effective. This is evident from the fact that many knots and complexes of the heart and mind start opening in his sessions. It is very common to see students getting emotional in his Pranayama and meditation sessions. The reason is that they find some repressed and unresolved issue getting resolved. After this the students express their gratefulness To Kalpendra for the wonderful and enlightening Techniques of meditation. He also shares his knowledge of correlation between breath and psychosomatic problems.


Yogi Satish Rishikesh

Yogi Satish ji is a professional yoga asana teacher calls himself a yoga instructor as he believes that yoga is a vast concept and whole life is a learning process. Though he has more than five years of teaching experience. He is having great command in vedic mantras and always carry a gentle smile on his face. He begins his class with mantra chanting in authenticmanner which gives you inner peace and then his instructions are like a song which make you stay focused and bound with him till he end of the class. Satish ji is a register Yoga alliance teacher certified 200 hours and 300 hours respectively.

Yogi Satish Rishikesh

Yogi Harmindra ji

Yogi Harmindra Ji is enthusiastic towards spreading knowledge with honor to yoga and other fields like motionless life disorder, posture imbalance, and physical therapy. He is our Anatomy and Physiology Teacher. He has experience in the various aspect of Yoga Therapy and Anatomy. Being a Rishikesh local, he has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching for more than 3 years. He has always found the system and structure of the body captivating while doing pranayama and asanas. Yogi Harmindra Singh ji is devoted to sharing his knowledge with aspirants.

yogi harmindra ji