Paid Old Age Home India

Sri Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh brings a new initiative providing fully furnished ‘Sri Yoga Niwas’ for the retired people or old people of all countries and culture. Sri Yoga Niwas is the home in Rishikesh for the people who want to pursue the spiritual life and want to live in the holy city of Rishikesh.

Paid Old Age Home in Rishikesh, India

Paid Old Age Home Rishikesh!

If you are at the age where the worldly attachments are losing their charm and you feel to be free from various family responsibilities and if you want to live in the midst of nature, devoting your life in the search of the supreme and higher purpose of life, then Sri Yoga Ashram is the perfect place. Moreover, what place can be better than Rishikesh, on the bank of river Ganga, in the foothills of the Himalayas for spending the peaceful days of your life. You are welcome to join a new family.

Paid Old Age Home Rishikesh: Concept

The concept of Sri Yoga Niwas is to provide our senior citizens an affordable place to live freely and fulfilling in the green, clean and spiritual city. This is quite in the line of entering ‘Vanprastha Ashram’ according to Hindu culture. The idea here is that senior people must not feel dependent on anyone just because they are getting old, but at the same time they should be given some relaxing time, space and peace of mind after many years of hard work. There is retirement age for everyone and there is a retirement dream for everyone. Sri Yoga Ashram aims to fulfill this dream and help the senior citizens, retired people, and old people progress spiritually at the same time. The senior citizens must be respected and given the space for expressing themselves.

So Yoga Niwas is a place for the same. Life at the ‘Sri Yoga Niwas is definitely peaceful and meaningful. The spiritual evolution comes here by naturally. Unfortunately, the young generation can’t afford this golden opportunity as life for them is too hectic and stressful. But if you are at that age where you have stopped running then come and stay at ‘Sri Yoga Niwas, Rishikesh run by Sri Yoga Ashram.

Paid Old Age Home Rishikesh : Peacefull Environment

Sri Yoga Niwas is located in Laxman Jhula area of Rishikesh. Sri Yoga Niwas is surrounded by green forest and mountain. The greenery here is soothing to the eyes. The fresh air makes you healthy without efforts; cold breeze in the morning is one thing people are dreaming for in the big cities. From the terrace and rooftop, you get a beautiful view of Holy river Ganga.

The location is only fifty meters away from the main road providing enough distance for avoiding all the noise. One side, there is a small mountain stream flowing all around the year creating sweet music in the ears. You see here all kind of birds in different colors and you wake in the morning by their beautiful sounds. The place is really charming and full of divinity. We invite you to make it your home and be our family member. Near Sri Yoga Niwas there are many Ashrams and religious places where many activities are always happening. The family members can get the blessings of many great masters here and attend their sessions.

Paid Old Age Home Rishikesh : Yoga & Meditation

We are a Yoga School in India basically, so yoga and meditation are the two things that are a daily practice. We have two spacious yoga halls at present and a big open roof top for arranging our course - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga TTC, yoga and meditation retreat. Our all senior family members can join daily morning yoga classes for their spiritual progress.

Provided Facility

Single or Twin sharing accommodation with attached bath and hot water

Small library with Hindi and English news paper

Three time Veg Indian meals

Two time tea everyday

One yoga class everyday

One meditation session everyday

Free unlimited wifi & Doctor on call

Various spiritual discourses at Sri Yoga Ashram and nearby places

Occasional sightseeing activities

Comfort and respect of living in a Hindu family

Two wheeler parking space

Monthly Package

Single private Accommodation - US$ 400per person

Twin Sharing Accommodation (for Couple or two friends) - US$ 325per person

Note : This package price should be paid full in advance at the beginning of every month. The package prices are not refundable.

Eligibility & Conditions

Sri Yoga Niwas is available for the Senior Citizens of all countries and religions without any discrimination. Minimum age for staying at ‘Sri Yoga Niwas’ is 50 years for women and 55 Years for men.

The people willing to stay long time must be healthy and capable of taking care of themselves.

We can arrange the doctor facility for the medical help. The expanses must be paid by the respected family members.

All resident family members must have medical insurance and life insurance.

We are a yoga ashram so for keeping the purity of the environment, the residents will not be allowed to smoke in the ‘Sri Yoga Niwas’ premises. Consumption of alcohol, any other toxic material or Non Veg food is prohibited in the ashram premises.

No commercial activities will be conducted from the ‘Sri Yoga Niwas’ by the resident family members.

The package and facilities opted by our respected senior family members are not transferrable.

Initially all resident family members can opt for one month stay and they can extend it again and again.

After one month stay at Sri Yoga Niwas, the senior family members can ask for long term stay starting from one year. This depends on the mutual consent of Sri Yoga Ashram and family member.

Ashram can ask any family member to leave if his behavior is offensive and creating a nuisance to other family members or staff members.

Please note that Yoga Niwas by Sri Yoga Ashram is not a traditional old age home rather it is a place to live peacefully spending time in spiritual practices at the later part of life.

Sri Yoga Ashram conducts regular yoga courses of the duration of one month. Most of the people attending these courses are young people from all over the world. There is a great possibility that you can find that you are the only person of your age.

Sri Yoga Niwas is not a place of being dependent in the old age rather it is a place of remaining independent, healthy, and strong throughout the life.