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What is the right price of Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreats in India

If price is your concern while choosing the yoga teacher training and yoga retreats, then this article is for you only. India is the choice for yoga training and retreats for the people from all over the world. For the westerners especially for the people coming for the first time, it is a concern that what is the right price here for these things? Nobody wants to pay too much for the ordinary services, while quality services cost some extra bucks. Here I would like to help you in reaching an informed decision so that you don’t regret your decision.

The yoga retreats and Yoga Teacher Training consists of following elements or services:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Meals
  3. Yoga Teaching
  4. Some sight seeing
  5. Extra facilities like spa and massage
  6. Extra courses like Reiki, Ayurveda, Astrology etc
  7. Duration of your retreat or teacher training

All these services and their quality decide the price for your Yoga training and yoga retreats. Let’s consider the general price of these services in India. Let’s imagine ...I would like to go for a yoga retreat, then I’d think it this way:


I would like at least a well maintained private room with attached bathroom, hot water and wifi and some basic furniture in a reasonable location. The room cost is like:

High end hotel with the swimming pool and great facilities AC Room USD 100 to USD 300 per day
A good room not very far but away from the crowd in a guest house Non AC Room USD 12 to 15 per day, AC Room USD 30 per day
The cheapest room possible (don’t expect much) Non AC USD 10 per day
Very far from the city, in the forest or on the mountain (Good room but difficult to arrive and go) Non AC Room USD 30 per day, AC Room 60 per day (prices are again very high)
Very far from the city, in the forest or on the mountain (Good room but difficult to arrive and go) Non AC Room USD 30 per day, AC Room 60 per day (prices are again very high)

I would go with the third option. Usually I don’t need AC for myself, so it should cost almost 100 USD per week for an OK accommodation. If there are two people sharing the same room then it would be around 60 USD per person.


The food in India is not so expansive. I have so much variety and taste is really great. If I am eating in an ordinary Indian restaurant the average meal price will be around USD 12 to 15 per day for all three meals. In a slightly better restaurant the price can be around USD 20 to 30 per day. If I stay in a very far place, out of the city the quality and variety of the meals will be down and price will be up.

For myself I will take the first option. So the price will be USD 80 to 100 per week.

Yoga Teaching

This is why I am going to India to learn yoga or attend some relaxing yoga retreats. The normal price for drop in classes is USD 4 to 5 per class per day. If I attend four classes every day the price if USD 15 to 20 per day. But there are many reasonable prices for signing up for a week. Then it will cost me USD 100 to 130 per week (for 5 to 6 classes per day). Seems a good deal.

Some Sight Seeing

While attending yoga retreats and teacher training I also want to go for small sightseeing activities. If I am joining a group for half day then it should cost around 10 to 15 USD.

Spa , Ayurveda or Massage

Last time I got a massage, it costed me around USD 23. So if it is included in the yoga retreat then I should be expecting the same price to be included.

Extra Courses like Reiki, Ayurveda and Astrology

If there are some extra courses like Reiki, Ayurveda and Astrology going on then they will also cost around USD 100 per week.


Now the duration comes into play. If I am signing up for a yoga retreat for one week then it should cost me around 320 to 350 USD for sure. And if there are some extra facilities like Spa and extra courses included then it can go upto USD 450 per week. Same way a four week yoga teacher training with the most reasonable facilities will be around USD 1250 to 1500 for a private room and USD 1000 to 1200 for a twin shared room. Something with better facilities can cost even higher.

Yes I can attend the yoga retreat for USD 200 and teacher training for USD 800 too. But they will be nowhere close to reasonable quality and the most probably destroy my experience and memories.

So my conclusion and suggestion is to look for the decent things rather than searching the cheapest one and later cursing your own fortune.

How Yoga Brings so Many Benefits

If you are asking this question ‘why should I learn yoga’ then answer is ‘why not?’ Yoga is definitely the need of the hour and perhaps the easiest solution for the most of our problems. Yoga has been there since the beginning of the time, but people didn’t need more than today.
Let me remind you that few decades before neither so many yoga schools and teachers were out there in the world, nor people cared so much to know about that. Earlier it was an option to practice yoga, but today it is the need of the hour.
For many people yoga is necessary for the health, for others it is about the fitness, for others it is solution against stress and for very few others it is the method to reach self realization. Whatever need you have in the mind, yoga is there for you.

Yoga = Mental Training

Well, there are so many definitions out there. But here I would say yoga is a mental training. It’s a game played on the mental plane, inside your own mind. While learning yoga, you are actually training your mind to be calm and peaceful, to delay your responses.
You are constantly giving some suggestions to yourself. In the beginning ...your yoga teacher is reminding you to do the same, and then later you remember to do it all the time while doing practice. Practicing asanas, Pranayamas help learning this unconsciously. In meditation we are trying stay in this state of calmness and peace for longer durations.
Please understand. The most of the problems we are facing are not real problems. They don’t exist on the physical plane. Someone is having the problem of the love and relationship, other person is worried for his job or career, and others are worried for finance.
We are not worried of the earthquake or Tsunami or a war. Means, as such on the ground everything is OK. We are troubled in the mind and we need something that can heal our mind and heart. This is where yoga directly works; in our minds. More mental problems and worries, more we need yoga.
Even the most health problems are caused by prolonged mental stress. It’s a well documented fact now that most physical diseases are psycho-somatic in nature. So when you are practicing yoga then you are also buying good health for yourself.

How yoga works

In the beginning yoga seems to be a physical training based on the Asana practices known as postures. But here is the difference between yoga and any other exercise. These yogic postures, pranayama and meditation techniques work mainly on mind and nervous system. They enhance stress buster hormones and neurotransmitters. Since there are no direct methods to access the mind and bring some changes to the level of the secretion of these neurotransmitters, we perform certain physical movements (read Asana, Pranayamas & meditation) to stimulate those areas. So we can say that these yoga practices are practices to heal the mind and heart.