What is the Right Price of Yoga TTC & Retreats?

If price is your concern while choosing the yoga teacher training yoga retreats, then this article is for you only. India is the choice for yoga training and retreats for the people from all over the world. For the westerners especially for the people coming for the first time, it is a concern that..

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How Yoga Brings so many Benefits?

If you are asking this question ‘why should I learn yoga’ then answer is ‘why not?’ Yoga is definitely the need of the hour and perhaps the easiest solution for the most of our problems. Yoga has been there since the beginning of the time, but people didn’t need more than today.

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What Is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is one of the 8 most ancient traditions of yoga. Kundalini yoga is also called many times as Hatha Kundalini or Kundalini Tantra. Kundalini Yoga refers to those practices that are focusing upon awakening of Chakras and Kundalini. This involves the rigorous Pranayama practices.

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