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Sri Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh happily announces the Yoga Scholarship for selected number of students. The aim of Sri Yoga Ashram is to spread the ancient wisdom of yoga and astrology in all corners of the world. We strongly believe that knowledge should be available to everyone without any discrimination. But there can be situations where a person can say that I have some financial problems and these problems are stopping me from learning and practicing these ancient treasures of wisdom. Sri Yoga Ashram wants to support these kind of people who are ready to learn yoga and become a yoga teacher or astrologer in future. We can help you choose this noble profession and thus you can live your life in more fulfilling manners. A student is a future teacher. We have a limited number of Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship every month for suitable candidates:

These yoga scholarships are available to the students of all countries, ethnicity and cultures.

Only those students who have genuine financial problems should apply for these scholarships. You need to decide it yourself. If you really need some financial support then we are ready to help.

These scholarships are offered every month on the first come and first serve basis for our Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Students should apply for these scholarships at least 6 months in advance and reserve their places.

This scholarship is available only to the students applying through Sri Yoga Ashram website and not through any other booking website.

Sri Yoga Ashram has exclusive right to deny the scholarship to someone on various grounds.

We wish to help everyone learn yoga. Teaching is a service and not any business activity. Sri Yoga Ashram wants to extend some help for those people who want to learn yoga but need some financial assistance due to some genuine financial crisis. So Sri Yoga Ashram has decided to provide a scholarship of 33% to maximum two students every month. So the effective course fees for the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training will be USD 500 only. This course fees is without accommodation and meals. But the decent accommodation facility and meals can be arranged by Sri Yoga Ashram guest house at a very reasonable charges. Contact Us.